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Day 5 - Jesus Gets Angry


Today’s Reading:  John 2:13-22

Today’s Big Points

Jesus was so concerned because of:

  1. Inappropriate use of God ordained institution
    1. Family
    2. Church
    3. Marriage
  2. The neglect of the proper use of the institution

Questions to Ponder

For you:

  • If He were to walk through our home, church, or private time; how would He respond?
  • Have you ever burned with zeal when you should not have?
  • Have you ever been passive when should burned with zeal?

For your kids:

  • Why did people travel to the temple during Passover?
  • What did they need to worship and how did they get it?
  • Why was Jesus angry? What does this show us about Jesus and his Father?

For your teenagers:

  • Why was Jesus angry? What does it teach us about God and what He cares about?
  • How is Jesus’ anger different than our anger?
  • What is something in this world that it is right to be angry about?