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DAY 15 - The Invitation of Jesus


Today’s Reading: John 7:37-44

Today’s Big Points

1) The invitation through His witness.

2) The invitation through His works.

3) The Invitation through His Word.

Questions to Ponder

For you:

• What “thirsts” in your life have too much control over you? In what ways is Jesus better than any of those things?

• How much time do you spend studying and learning about Jesus? What next step could you take to be a better student of the person and work of Jesus?

For your Children:

• In this story, what was the invitation given by Jesus and what do you think it means?

• How did people respond to Jesus’ invitation?

• Why it is important to study and learn everything we can about Jesus?

For your Teenagers:

• What did Jesus mean by “thirst?”

• What are some harmful ways people satisfy their thirst? Why doesn’t it work?

• Why do you think people are still divided in their opinions about Jesus?