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DAY 19 - The Investigation of Jesus


Today’s Reading: John 9:24-34

Today’s Big Points:

1) Repent often of your sins.

2) Ask the Lord to show you your areas of spiritual blindness.

3) Don’t allow positions to hinder from learning the truth.

4) The priesthood of all believers.

5) Study God’s Word.

Questions to Ponder

For you:

• Are there any rules you love that keep you from loving people? What are they?

• How are you finding opportunities to share your story with others?

For your children:

• Why were the religious leaders arguing with the man who used to be blind?

• How did the man answer them?

• How would you explain to a friend what Jesus has done for you?

For your teenagers:

• Why did the religious leaders care about the rules more than helping others?

• How would you defend your faith to someone who questions you?

• What would your story of “I was blind, but now I see” sound like?