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DAY 35 - Jesus Promises Joy


Today’s Reading: John 16:20-24, 33 

Today’s Key Points 

1. The Promise of His joy is a process. 

2. The Promise of His joy is a privilege 

3. The Promise of His joy is a pledge. 

Questions to Ponder 


• How have you found Jesus to be your joy even in the most painful moments of your life? 

• Take time this week to share that story with your children/a friend. 


• In this story, what does Jesus promise us? 

• Is it possible for us to have joy even in painful times? How? 

• How does Jesus’ death on the cross show us sadness, pain AND joy? 


• How would you explain the relationship between pain and joy? 

• There is a joy the world didn’t give us & can’t take away from us – what is that joy? 

• What types of “joy” can the world give you and take from you?