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DAY 37 - Jesus Prays For His Disciples


Today’s Reading: John 17-9-19

Today’s Key Points:

1) Jesus prayed that He would be glorified.

2) Jesus prayed that the disciples would be sanctified.

3) Jesus prayed that the believers would be unified.

Questions to Ponder:


• How do you pray for your children or family members?

• How can this prayer inform the way you pray?


• In this story, who is Jesus praying for? (Point out that Jesus is praying for them!)

• What does Jesus ask the Father to protect us from?

• Why does Jesus care about our spiritual condition?


• What did you learn from this passage about how Jesus prays for you?

• How would you explain the evil around you and the evil within you?

• Jesus prays for our mission – what is our mission as his followers?