DAY 45 - The Burial of Jesus


Today’s Reading: John 19:38-42

Today’s Key Points

1) Jesus died without any money to his name.

2) Jesus’ burial.

3) The women planned to go to the tomb and anoint his body.



• Jesus died without any wealth. What might this teach us about what we should most value?

• Two men used their resources to honor Jesus. How do we do the same today?


• In this story, what did Joseph and Nicodemus do for Jesus?

• What couldn’t Joseph and Nicodemus do on the Sabbath?

• What do we know now that Jesus’ followers didn’t know then?


• What were the two obstacles to Jesus’ burial?

• What did Joseph and Nicodemus do for Jesus?

• We know the end of the story. But what do you think this day was like for Jesus’ followers?