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Family Service for Kids

We realized that our churches could use a Quick and Easy way to Effectively minister to the families in their church who have children. This is why we have created the free 4-week, “Family Service for Kids” series! Created especially to be used during this time when families are required to sit together during services.


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  • Family Service for Kids
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    Week 1 - Love
    Have you ever been left out? Has someone said mean things to you or said they aren’t your friend anymore? These are all times when we need the Holy Spirit to help us love others.

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    Week 2 - Joy
    Joy is often most obvious when our circumstances don’t make us happy. When we can say, “That’s okay” and really mean it, people will see the Fruit of the Spirit in us.

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    Week 3 - Peace
    Peace is trusting God to take care of us when we feel worried or fearful. Have you ever been afraid of the dark or a bad storm? Has someone you cared about been very sick? No matter what scary or bad thing we’re facing, God can give us peace.

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    Week 4 - Patience
    Patience is waiting with a good attitude, whether we’re waiting on circumstances or on other people. Are we there yet? How much longer? Would you hurry up? When we ask questions like these, we show others that we need more patience in our lives. True patience takes time to develop, but our patience will grow and get easier as we get closer to God.