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Fun Ideas for Kids Stuck at Home

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During this time surrounding the COVID-19 crisis kids are stuck at home. Parents are usually desperate for ideas to keep their kids busy and occupied. Why not utilize the church to give kids some fun activities to do while at home? You could even launch your ideas on a “Terrific Tuesday,” a “Wacky Wednesday.” A “Thrilling Thursday,” or a “Fantastic Friday.” Here are some ideas:

Recipes: Why not share some really simple recipes with your kids? When cooking, most kids might need their parents' help. But if they can tackle a simple recipe, it will teach them a skill and provide something nice for the family to enjoy. It could be no-bake cookies or other desserts, maybe chili or macaroni and cheese, or even pigs in a blanket. The easier the better as it gives kids a chance to succeed and find new skills.

Scavenger Hunts: There are many different types of scavenger hunts. Below are a few:

Photo Hunt: Kids are challenged to find various objects in their house or yard and put them on a table and take a picture of them. The kids who finish first win a prize. Or for every child who completes the task, their name is in a hat for a prize. Items could include a picture of someone with white hair, a red pen, a bean, a hairbrush, a roll of toilet paper, or a bottle.

Photo Hunt Expanded: Kids are challenged to take five photos and submit them. These could include a picture of themselves and someone else, both with a roll of toilet paper balanced on their head; a picture of themselves next to a TV with a picture of a superhero on the TV; or a picture of them with mustard on their nose.

A Video Scavenger Hunt: Choose a popular movie and make a list of 15 questions asking about different subtle facts in the movie. Kids must watch the movie and look for these odd items. If using the Lion King movie, the question could be — "When Pumba swallowed his first grub, what color was it?” (Contact the national Kidmin office at [email protected] for some movies already done with 15 questions.)

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Have kids gather items found outdoors and take one picture with all the items. These could be a forked twig, a blue rock, a round rock, or three leaves of different shapes.

Great Website: Here’s a website that has a number of great scavenger hunts for kids. Go to: https://primaryplayground.net/scavenger-hunts/. They also have a FB page: Primary Playground.

Thumb Wrestling: Teach kids to thumb wrestle.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Teach kids new ways to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” but with body actions representing superheroes. Examples would be Batman (fingers up for pointy ears), Spider-Man (fingers outstretched in a web-spraying motion), and Superman (muscle pose). Batman beats Superman because he has kryptonite in his belt. Superman beats Spider-Man because he uses his heat-ray eyes. Spider-Man beats Batman because he ties him up in a web.

Bible Rap: Teach kids how to make up a Bible rap. Let them record themselves for you to hear.

Choreography: Share a new song with kids and show them the choreography that goes with it. Encourage them to videotape themselves doing the actions to the song.

Animal Impressions: Encourage kids to videotape themselves doing five animal impressions such as a chimpanzee, elephant, gorilla, lion, or goat. Provide prizes for those with the best impressions.

A Whistle: Give each kid a whistle to blow at home. Okay, okay — scratch that! Just making sure you were still reading!

Physical Fitness: Ask kids to do some physical fitness exercises every day for five days and win a prize! Challenge them to quote a Bible verse while doing jumping jacks or sit-ups.

Balloon Animals: Pick up a balloon pump and some animal-making balloons and teach kids via video how to do very simple balloon animals. Some of them will get hooked on this. Find more balloon animal instructions on the internet and learn a new skill.

Karaoke: Have kids videotape themselves singing gospel karaoke songs and send the video to their loved ones! If you have someone in your church who edits video footage you could have every child sing the same song and then edit them together for a final video.

Will it Float? Game: Challenge kids to find out what will float and what won’t. Does a peanut float, a marshmallow, a pen, a pencil, or an eraser? Choose items kids can find in their homes and choose items that won’t make a mess.

BGMC Video Marathon: Go to the BGMC website (BGMC.ag.org). Look under videos. Let kids watch the BGMC videos. Perhaps have all your kids watch the same video and give them several ideas of needs to pray for. You can also go to the Buddy Barrel YouTube® channel and watch BGMC videos.

Make Your Own BGMC Video: Have kids make a video telling people that BGMC funds feed, clothe, and help people all over the world. BGMC funds help people learn about Jesus. Perhaps ask for donations to help you fill your Buddy Barrel with 10 dollar bills to help reach the people of the world. Encourage kids to share the video on their parents' Facebook page.

Crazy Stunts: Children’s leaders can do crazy (but safe) stunts and video them, giving kids something fun to watch. Challenge kids to do them, too. One example would be dropping a quarter off your nose into a narrow bottle or cup on the floor.

Books of the Bible: Have the kids learn the books of the Bible. Challenge them to learn the books of the Bible and say them faster than you. (Make your pace good but not unattainable). Every child who can say the books of the Bible faster than you will get a pizza delivered to their house (or some other award.) This will take some work on their part, so it is worth a nice prize.

Crazy Twelve: Give the kids a list of 12 crazy (but safe) challenges. Put the numbers 1 through 12 in a bag. Have the kids draw out the number and then do every crazy thing on the list. Have them record themselves doing silly things and share the recording with the church. Ideas could be: say the pledge of allegiance with ketchup on their nose, or sing happy birthday to themselves while holding a water balloon or cup of water on their head (during the song, someone pops the balloon or dumps the water).

There are so many great ideas to allow kids to have fun at home. Send us your ideas to [email protected] so we can add to this list! Keep on reaching kids with the gospel. Take note of two other articles entitled: “Making Kids Feel Special While Away From Church” and “Kids Sharing Their Faith From Home.”