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Kids Sharing Their Faith From Home

Posted In Kids Resources

During this COVID-19 crisis, kids are stuck at home. One good thing about this crisis is that many people for the first time are considering heaven, hell, and their own mortality. This is the perfect time for kids who have all this time at home to find ways to tell the world about Jesus. Here are a few ways:

Online Cards: Kids can use the online card companies and send cards to their relatives and friends and leave a message about God loving them. There are several online sites from where these cards can be sent inexpensively or free. Kids would also love opening an animated card from their KidMin leaders letting them know they are missed.

Make a Homemade Card and Take a Picture: Kids can make a homemade card for their loved ones, take a picture of it, and text or email it to their loved ones. The card can have a message on it about God’s love for them.

Phone Call: Kids can call their friends and loved ones, and as part of the call, they can ask if they know Jesus as their Savior. Often a child’s question can get through the tough skin of someone’s heart.

Chalk Art: Kids can draw gospel messages and verses on their sidewalks. As people walk by, they can’t help but read these messages deposited there by a child.

Facebook Post: Kids can share their testimony and post it on their parent’s Facebook page, with approval of the parent.

Facebook Prayer: Kids can record themselves praying for Iran or Italy or China or America. It could perhaps be posted in such a way that maybe people in those countries who are searching will come across “a child praying for Iran,” etc.

Facebook Object Lessons: Kids can record themselves teaching with an object lesson, sharing their faith in a creative way, and post it on Facebook for people to find.

Illusions: Kids could learn an illusion they can use to share their faith, either through texting, video, or through one-on-one interaction with relatives and friends.

Flat Buddy: Have kids send emails to missionaries with a large picture of Buddy Barrel and have missionaries take pictures with “flat Buddy” and email them back to the kids. See who can gather the most flat Buddy pictures.

Letters: Kids could write letters and mail them to loved ones. These letters should invite loved ones to know Christ while sharing love, concern, and prayers for their health.

Nursing Homes: Almost every city has a nursing home. Right now these people cannot receive any visitors and many are getting lonely. Have kids make cards or write letters to the people in a nursing home and mail it. They can also share about Jesus and how much God loves them. The residents will enjoy receiving some encouraging mail.

There are so many great ideas to allow kids to share their faith from home. Send us your ideas at [email protected] so we can add to this list! Keep your kids sharing their faith. Take note of two other articles entitled: “Making Kids Feel Special While Away From Church” and “Fun Ideas for Kids Stuck at Home.”