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Small Group Leader Training

Whether you are new to starting a small group, getting ready to begin a new small group trimester, or have been leading a small group for years, these leaders can give some good spiritual and practical insight on tools to implement when starting a small group.

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    An introduction to what you will learn.

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    First Steps
    Starting a small group can feel overwhelming. However, by focusing on the most essential things, all of the to-do list items can come into focus.

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    Best Experiences
    Helping guests or new attendees feel a part of your small group family is important as you look to grow and eventually multiply your small group. This can be in part accomplished by creating a positive first-time guest experience.

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    Best Practices
    As a small group leader there are some universal best practices that will help you successfully lead a small group such as creating a plan, maneuvering awkward moments, and creating space for the Holy Spirit to impact people’s lives.

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    Diving Deep
    Using and teaching scripture in your small group is a vital component of making mature, Christ-following disciples. However, scripture teaching and discussion can often lead to people asking difficult questions in your small group.

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    Goal Setting
    Just as we set goals for our work, life, and family, we must also set goals for our small group as we seek to lead people to Jesus and disciple them. But what good are goals if we do not evaluate them?

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    Leading From a Full Cup
    As a small group leader, you should be leading from a full spiritual cup. What does that mean? As a leader, you must be spiritually prepared to overflow into the lives of others. Leaders cannot lead effectively if they themselves are dry spiritually.

  • 8

    A final overview of what you have learned.