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Jesus Is the Word


Read John 1:1-14



You and I use words to share information, to describe things, and to express our thoughts and feelings. You might use your words to tell a friend all about your day. You could use your words to ask your parents for something you want or need. Words also help us let people know we are confused, sad, or scared. Sometimes we use our words in kind ways and sometimes we use them in ways that hurt others. Our words can make someone’s day or make someone feel ashamed.  Words are powerful. God’s words are different from our words. Our words can be careless and useless, but God’s words are always intentional and useful. God’s word has the power to create something from nothing, to bring life to our hearts and to make amazing things happen! God’s words are never empty, and they never fail. God’s words are also full of perfect wisdom and truth. All of these truths are found in Jesus, the Word. Jesus came not just to speak words, but to be the Word. Jesus was everything God wanted to say to the world in a person! That’s why John says that Jesus is the Word.



  • John describes Jesus as “the Word.” What does this mean to you?
  • What did you learn about Jesus today?
  • According to this Scripture passage, what is one thing Jesus has done for you? What does that mean to you?



God, thank you for sending Jesus to speak truth to our hearts. Thank you for your love that never quits and never gives up. Help me to believe your truth and to receive your love. And help me to share this love with others. Help me to speak words of life into the people around me today.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.