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Church Relaunch Kit

A resource designed for your senior leadership team to help relaunch your church

Kidmin Relaunch Kit

This relaunch kit is specifically focused on kids ministry

John Davidson & Ryan Wakefield | Church Marketing and COVID-19 Live Stream

In this live stream interview, John Davidson from CMN and Ryan Wakefield from Church Marketing University discuss what it looks like for churches to stay connected digitally with their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 Preaching Themes for Coronavirus Online Services

During the coronavirus outbreak, church leaders responsible for preaching may want to help their congregations to think biblically about coronavirus, its potential threats, and the promises God makes to us in the midst of those threats.

Rob Ketterling | Conversations: Connections and Care During COVID-19

It's important to have conversations about COVID-19. Pastor Rob Ketterling and guests discuss connection and care in a time of social distancing. This video is from the River Valley Network YouTube channel.

Strategies for Church Planters Adjusting to COVID-19 and Social Distancing

If you are a church planter then more than likely your strategy for launching a church has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. CMN will be working on tools in the coming days and weeks to help you pivot your strategy and continue on towards your God-given dream. Here is a quick download to help you get started.

James River Church | Sample COVID-19 Church Update Letter and Online Invite Template

Communicating with your church is important during this time. Here is how James River Church, pastored by John and Debbie Lindell helped communicate important information and invited others to online services.

Church Marketing University | The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide for Churches

As more churches are having to move to digital services, we want to do all we can to help. This guide will help your church ramp up your digital ministry, digital services, and digital giving. Now is the time for us to serve people more than ever before!

Travis Clark | How We Are Creating Human Contact in the Midst of Quarantine

Churches are working hard to create meaningful connections with their communities. Travis Clark, lead pastor of Canvas Church in the Bay Area, has been at one of the centers of the COVID-19 pandemic. This weekend they creatively used Zoom to create human contact in the midst of a community-wide quarantine. In this video he shares the thoughts behind this strategy and how others can easily do the same.

Rod Loy | Online Worship Sets from First NLR

As we do online church it's important to think through a corporate worship experience. Pastor Rod Loy from First Assembly North Little Rock has worked with his team to provide online worship sets that you can use this weekend with your church.